Essential Oil - Sacra Medical Grade Highest Quality Frankincense

  • Our medical grade Sacra Essential Oil helps to keep viruses at bay:

  • Our Medical Grade Sacra Essential Oil helps to rid depression:

  • Our Sacra Essential Oil is medical grade frankincense.

    Sacra Essential Oil is:

    1. Anti-fungal
    2. Anti-viral
    3. Anti-inflammatory
    4. Anti-bacterial

    Used as:

    1. An anti-depressant
    2. A digestive aid
    3. A healing tonic*

    It is also used to apply topically to the brain by brain surgeons who purchase this exact product from Powerfully Pure for this reason.

    Research has shown taking Sacra protects DNA and suppresses modern diseases.*

    Beneficial for enhancing fertility.*

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  • * Refer to the Science page on our website for scientific references to support these claims

  • Boswellia Sacra Essential Oil is the highest grade frankincense oil. Finest medical quality and distilled from source.

    Organic product of Oman.

    Blessed and packaged with love in London, England.

    Although we have the science to support our claims for all our other luxury lifestyle brand products, we need to comply to legalities and state that our Powerfully Pure products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease.

  • This medical grade Frankincense Essential Oil is to be applied like perfume: put on in the morning, whenever you go out.

    Add it to your detox routine. We recommend you blend it with your castor oil to put on your abdomen.

    In the evenings and rub into the soles of your feet when you are in bed about to go to sleep.

    Ideal to place a few drops inside your anti-pollution face mask (if you have one).

    1. Can be ingested
    2. Can be applied directly to skin and internally
    3. Ideally used as a cologne or perfume
    4. Can be applied to soles of feet at night for maximum therapeutic benefits


    Always check with your health care professional before consuming this product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A Shepard

This oil has felt great! I have been using it for the last few weeks almost a month now and I have found it to calm me down when I'm stressed and have even started using it as a perfume when I forget some in my purse! I found it perfect for me and my lifestyle. Would highly recommend it. x

Winnie McDuff

This oil has been amazing!!! I have found it so replenishing for the skin and has helped my skin whenever it starts to dry out without giving me spots or anything of the kind. Would highly recommend this.

Janis M
Extremely happy

I took a gamble and got the 100ml bottle as the 5ml was already sold out. Im extremely happy that I did because it has helped me so much, my mood has increased so much since starting to use this. The oil itself has been amazing, its light and doesn't feel heavy or greasy on my skin. I would highly reccomend.

L Hannah

This is a great oil, I got the 5ml and it was a little small so when I reorder I will definitely be getting the bigger size. It is smooth and soft when putting on, since using this I haven't had any illnesses or anything of the sort mentally or physically. Very happy.