Essential Oil - Sacra Medical Grade Highest Quality Frankincense Bundle

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  • Sacra Essential Oil is medical-grade frankincense.

    Sacra Essential Oil is:

    1. Anti-fungal
    2. Anti-viral
    3. Anti-inflammatory
    4. Anti-bacterial

    Used as:

    1. An anti-depressant
    2. A digestive aid
    3. A healing tonic*

    It is also used to apply topically to the brain by brain surgeons who purchase this exact product from Powerfully Pure for this reason.

    Research has shown taking Sacra protects DNA and suppresses modern diseases.*

    Beneficial for enhancing fertility.*

    * Refer to the Science page on our website for scientific references to support these claims

  • Boswellia Sacra Essential Oil is the highest grade frankincense oil. Finest medical quality and distilled from the source.

    Organic product of Oman.

    Blessed and packaged with love in London, England.

  • This medical-grade Frankincense Essential Oil is to be applied like perfume: put on in the morning, whenever you go out.

    Add it to your detox routine. We recommend you blend it with your castor oil to put on your abdomen.

    In the evenings and rub into the soles of your feet when you are in bed about to go to sleep.

    Ideal to place a few drops inside your anti-pollution face mask (if you have one).

    1. Can be ingested
    2. Can be applied directly to the skin and internally
    3. Ideally used as a cologne or perfume
    4. Can be applied to soles of feet at night for maximum therapeutic benefits

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jenny Mills
Really enjoyed using this bundle

After seeing so many good reviews I decided to buy the bundle even though it was more expensive it seemed worth investing in. I was right! I only have positive things to say about this bundle. It has worked so well and it smells amazing! The oil is smooth and light on skin too nor does it stain the skin. Have enjoy using it for months now.

Joline A

I am so happy I found this oil, it has been a brilliant product to use as moisturiser and it has been perfect. I highly recommend this as it has helped my skin so much!!

Polly Green

This oil has been great! I use it every night after my showers to help relax my face and take off any of the makeup that has been left on after a shower. It hasn't disappointed to date and has been a great way for me to feel clean and healthy.

Max Campbell

Good product, has been perfect for me and my skin, not to greasy like a lot of oils (yes I know that sounds dumb as its an oil) but I mean a long lasting grease. Would buy again.

Liesel Rumsey

An amazing product, glad I purchased this when I did because it's become essential to my day now. (ha ha essential like the oil). It's been great on my skin and smells great to use as perfume!