Organic Soy Essential Oil Candle - Grace Bundle

  • This organic and hand poured candle blend is lovingly blessed in England and made from pure organic ingredients.

    It is claimed that when three essential oils are blended together their benefits become 11 times more powerful.

    This Grace candle by Powerfully Pure has a pleasant, floral aroma.

    Burning this candle could help with:

    1. Relaxing and calming for both mind and body. Ideal for winding down before bedtime *
    2. Providing a sense of calm and creating a more positive state**
    3. Creating a calming environment**
    4. Overcoming negative feelings, fears and insecurities - especially in women with regards to their sexuality***
    5. Insomnia, especially where this is due to anxiety***
    6. Relieving tension headaches as well as for digestive problems due to anxiety, fear or anger***

    * According to research conducted by Young Living Essential Oils US

    ** According to research conducted by Doterra

    *** According to research conducted by StarChild Essential Oils Glastonbury UK

  • 100% certified pure organic eco soy wax, 100% organic essential oil blend of:

    Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Lavender to help dissolve stress and activate grace.

    Read about the science behind our products

  • Trim the wick so that it is ¼” in length. Light the candle and allow to remain lit until the area of the melted wax reaches the full diameter of the container. This creates a ‘memory’ for the candle, so that when used in future the candle will continue to burn evenly.

    Exercise caution when using your candle, placing it on a flat, flame retardant surface away from any flammable objects such as curtains, furniture, etc. Ensure that candle is out of reach of pets and children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bryony Prince

I am sooo glad I got this candle bundle, it is AMAZING!!! They smell absolutely banging I am so happy with my purchase. I love everything about them I highly recommend buying this.

Natasha Saxton
Great candles

These candles smell lush
They are easy to light and have a long stem.
I love the scent it's strong but it doesn't stink out the room either!
It has been a really great addition to my room

Kelly Lorraine

Candles are amazing! They smell great and are my favourite set of bundles on this site, they have been si great and are a kit cheaper than buying the candles serpeatly. Same quality as the other candles so highly recommend it.

David Russell

Found this great in my room, smells great as you walk by and when it's burning too. Was worried the scent would change after it had been used the first time but was completely fine! It came early and was high quality like in the picture. Will definitely be ordering these again after I run out!!

Sophie Lee

Love this bundle, the candle's fragrance is unique and really to my taste. I like the fact that it is locally sourced and not from around the world. I am very happy with my purchase but would love to try some more