Organic Soy Essential Oil Candle - Bliss

  • A pleasurable natural fragrance of the most exquisite flower garden imaginable to help you transcend into the depths of meditation or a restful night's sleep.

    This organic and hand poured candle blend is lovingly hand poured and blessed in England, made from rare, eco-soy and pure organic essential oil ingredients.

    It is claimed that when three essential oils are blended together their benefits become 11 times more powerful.

    Burning this candle could help with:

    1. Mood enhancing *
    2. Relaxing and calming for both mind and body. Ideal for winding down before bedtime*
    3. Excellent to relieve tension headaches as well as for digestive problems due to anxiety, fear or anger ***
    4. Helps relieve depression, tension headaches, stress and anxiety ***

    * According to research conducted by Young Living Essential Oils US

    *** According to research conducted by StarChild Essential Oils Glastonbury UK

  • 100% certified pure organic eco soy wax, 100% organic essential oil blend of:

    Orange Blossom, Roman Chamomile and Lavender (quietening the mind and body) to help dissolve stress and activate bliss.

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  • Trim the wick so that it is ¼” in length. Light the candle and allow to remain lit until the area of the melted wax reaches the full diameter of the container. This creates a ‘memory’ for the candle, so that when used in future the candle will continue to burn evenly.

    Exercise caution when using your candle, placing it on a flat, flame retardant surface away from any flammable objects such as curtains, furniture, etc. Ensure that candle is out of reach of pets and children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Raul Hermandez

This candle is amazing. I bought it for my wife for her birthday as I know she's wanted it for a while now and she was over the moon. So glad I found this for her she absolutely loved it!

Ingrid James

Wow, what else can I say that hasn't been said!
These candles are amazing!!
I love how easy they are to use and that it's not a glass container.
I love the smell and how unique it is compared to my other candles.
I love how it looks and how it's the perfect size for my shelf.
I love EVERYTHING about this candle!!!!

Rylee Charge

This candle has been the best thing, it smells great and is perfect for the bath as you don't have to worry about it falling onto the floor and smashing as it isn't glass!

Dylan Storey
Good birthday present

Bought it for my sister's birthday. She was extremely happy (massive smiles and all) to see it was from this brand and has been using it most days for the past week. Haven't heard any complaints so it must be very good because she moans about everything. Would definitely buy this sort of product again for a gift.


Ive bought from this website before and am yet to be disappointed, just like the rest of these items it has fit with me perfectly. The candle has been perfect it smells great and lasted about three weeks for me.