Organic Soy Essential Oil Candle - Abundance

  • Be abundant! This 100% natural Abundance Candle has an uplifting natural fragrance to brighten your mood and lift your spirits so you can be open to receive abundance.

    This organic and hand poured candle blend is lovingly hand  poured and blessed in England. Made from the highest quality pure organic ingredients.

    It is claimed that when three essential oils are blended together their benefits become 11 times more powerful.

    Burning this candle could help with:

    1. Mood uplifting *
    2. Provide a state of positivity **
    3. Naturally repel insects **
    4. Could assist to overcome negative feelings, fears and insecurities; especially in women with regards to their sexuality ***
    5. May help lower high blood pressure ***
    6. It could help with insomnia especially where this is due to anxiety ***
    7. Safe to burn during pregnancy

    * According to research conducted by Young Living Essential Oils US

    ** According to research conducted by Doterra Essential Oils US

    *** According to research conducted by StarChild Essential Oils Glastonbury UK

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  • 100% certified pure organic eco soy wax, 100% organic essential oil blend of:

    Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang and Geranium to help dissolve stress and activate abundance

    This candle is 100% safe to burn during pregnancy

  • Trim the wick so that it is ¼” in length. Light the candle and allow to remain lit until the area of the melted wax reaches the full diameter of the container. This creates a ‘memory’ for the candle, so that when used in future the candle will continue to burn evenly.

    Exercise caution when using your candle, placing it on a flat, flame retardant surface away from any flammable objects such as curtains, furniture, etc. Ensure that candle is out of reach of pets and children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jemma White

This bundle is great!! It has been an amazing present to give to my sister, she loved it so much and has already used half of it up in the last week. I am so happy she liked this so I highly recommend it as present.

Milly Reeves
Glowing reviews from my mate

I got this candle as a present for my bestie and she absolutely loved it. She keeps it on her windowsill and her face lit up when she was the candle was from this website. After the response I got I highly recommend getting this bundle


Have found this candle to be the best candle that I've had in a while, way better than those tacky yankee ones. They actually smell like an array of different scents if you take time to really smell them. Have been greatly surprised by how much I love these candles and will be ordering again soon.

K Ersnlie

The candle is great. It came early and the fragrance was amazing. Would highly recommend it.

jack b

The candle came early and exceeded my expectations. I bought this mainly for my girlfriend but I use it on occasion too. it was a perfect size and I found the container to be something new and it was a nice change from the usual glass. Also good to see it was locally sourced and environmentally friendly. It smells sweet and light, my girlfriend loves the smell, I am a big fan of this candle and will definitely be buying more in the collection.