QiGong For Fertility - Fertility Chi Kung


Get ready to change your chances!

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If you are looking for a genuine way to become fertility fit so you can easily fall pregnant, stay pregnant to full term, then have the fitness you need for an easier birth, then this exercise class is for you.

Qi Gong is easier than yoga, it is medical martial arts which frees tension from your body and restores health to all your systems, organs and cells.

Get ready to embrace a gentle, easy-to-follow, no impact exercise routine similar to Tai Chi but are a lot more powerful and suitable for all fitness and flexibility levels.

Designed to leave you feeling energised, you will literally feel blood flowing to all areas of your body, bringing with it fresh oxygenated blood to revitalise your cells and bring all your systems back into radiant health and balance.

These movements are used in hospitals in Korea, China and Tibet due to their powerful healing effect.

This QiGong (Chi Kung) for Fertility Routine will leave you feeling:

  • More healthy
  • More fertile
  • More focused
  • More alert
  • More awake
  • More grounded
  • More clear headed

This is for you if you want ultimate healing and helping your body deal with stress so you can turn fertility ‘back on’ and minimise chances of miscarriage

Fertility Qi Gong is designed specifically for preconception. It increases blood flow to your digestive system (so you can absorb nutrients better and feel more energised).

Secondly it helps nourish your reproductive system, improving follicle (egg) health, womb health and your lining.

When combined with Awakening Fertility's “90 Day Online Fertile Lifestyle Course" you can expect to change your genes and chromosomal health as part of our epigenetic protocol to create your happy, healthy baby.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

The videos in this set have been a really different experience for me, I am in love. It has been amazing to do and highly amusing to watch and complete the different movements. since starting this I have found myself feeling happier and healthier than before.

Lorraine Welsh

Qigong for fertility has been a really entertaining session. Qigong is a whole new world for me and I have never tried anything quite like it before! It has been so enlightening and fun at the same time. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Athina B.
very nice program

A program that makes you feel empowered and grounded at the same time!!!!At the end of the session the body is more revitalized and the mind is clear and optimistic. Thank you!

Molly P
Great videos

this video is so enticing. I loved the whole idea of qigong as I have never tried it before it was a whole new experience. Since watching these videos and following along I have got a lot more into qigong and I have searched for more videos like this. It has been such a great experience and I highly recommend it.

Lorilee G
I LOVE this

I love this. I have never seen a fitness routine quite like this, it was highly enjoyable and I would definitely purchase more videos like this one. They were easy to watch and follow too.