Looking for 100% authentic Delgado Protocol genuine Estroblock shipped world wide?

Powerfully Pure is the store for you.

Suitable for Men and Women

When men or women have raised oestrogen levels, it lowers their testosterone levels which in turn lowers libido.

Estroblock Pro is Highly Recommended:

  • For increased sex-drive
  • For removal of stubborn belly fat
  • For clearing skin of acne
  • For increased energy
  • For hormone balancing
  • For part of weight-loss program
  • For use with Bio Identical Hormone Therapies

Estro Block Pro (Triple Strength) is formulated to effectively clear toxic estrogens, "xeno-estrogens" while supporting the production of healthy estrogens.

Estroblock Pro is better than the standard Estroblock because contains 50% more of Diindolylmethane (DIM), the correct balance of Indole-3-Carbinol, Sunflower Lecithin Powder, and Phosphatidylcholine.

Estroblock Pro has additional ingredients to support the process of removing fake estrogen from the body:

  • Wasabi root powder
  • Chrysin
  • D-Glucuranolactone
  • Vitamin E (as alpha tocopheryl succinate)

Why do Men and Women Need to Remove Harmful Estrogen?

Xenoestrogens originate outside the body and they cause the body to mimic estrogen production.

Xenoestrogens are stimulated by exposure to plastics, pesticides, chemicals, trans-fats (bad fats and oils), processed foods, preservatives, heavy metals and pollution.

These fake, synthetic estrogens are also a contributing factor for causing cancers and fertility issues.

As with all Powerfully Pure recommended products, Estroblock Pro contains no nasties.

  • No soy
  • No stearates (no magnesium stearate or stearic acid)
  • No phosphates
  • No synthetic derivatives
  • No animal products (100% vegan)


Estroblock Pro Triple Strength Formula Ingredients:

Diindolymethane, Vitamin E, blend of Indole 3 Carbinol, Chrysin, D-Glucoronolactone, Wasabi Root, Phosphatidyl-Choline, Sunflower Lecithin, Rice Flour.


Suggested use:

Start with 1 - 2 capsules with evening meal or before bed.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
M Clegg

Very happy with the estroblock, it came early and was of high quality. It worked well.

D Brooker

I cant believe i found this porduct finally. I was searching for this for weeks and have finally found it. I am so glad I did, it has worked so well for me so far. I highly recommend this if you have imbalanced hormones.

Thomas Kur

Have found this really helpful for me, was recommended by my doctor six months ago and have been using ever since. It has turned my life upside down, I have son much more energy and no more mood swings to the extent I used to have. Thank you.

John Roe
Really good product.

Really good product, used by reference from a nurse friend and it has worked really well for me! Highly recommend.

Joseph Brown

I like the rest have been diagnosed with a doctor and told that i needed to get help so decided to buy this and see if it helps. I have been using this for a month or so now and i am starting to see improvements in normal life but hope to see when i go for a check up. Thank you.