Eating with the Seasons Winter Recipes - Deliciousness for Faster Fertility Success eBook

Enjoy healthy seasonal recipes that are quick and easy to make - perfect for a busy lifestyle!

Winter is the perfect time to reflect on the year just gone and address your needs for the coming year. The Winter Solstice, also known as the rebirth of the Sun, celebrates the longest hours of darkness where everything may seem dim and frozen, but life is unfolding deep in the darkness. This moment presents the perfect opportunity to rest, reflect and address any imbalances in your life.

Spend some time focusing on yourself after the chill of Autumn. Doing this serves as a reminder that life and the paths you choose to take are always changing too. A turn in the road needn’t be a negative event, but instead a new path of opportunities and experiences that can open before you.

As you leave behind the days of longer sunlight, it is a great time to let go of any unhelpful or bad habits. Rather than be sad to let these things go, celebrate the release and confidently step into the next chapter of your life with bold expectation that you are improving your fertility every day. You will feel more ready than ever to have your happy, healthy baby.

Winter marks a time of turning inward and a time of rest. Spiritually, this can also serve as a reminder that there is always a time for new beginnings and inspirations. We have to leave behind what’s more comfortable and, similarly to the seasons, go through a period of initiations. Spend time meditating and acknowledging your successes and then share these appreciations generously with others during the brief transformation between Autumn and Spring.

If you have ever grown your own fruit or vegetables, or eaten a meal cooked by a family member that has, you will be familiar with the genuine delight you experience in its fresh, vibrant taste, especially when compared to what you would get from the supermarket. Welcome to your Winter Fertility Recipes, part of my Eating with the Seasons series. This is the joy of seasonal eating! Eating seasonally is a fabulous way to ensure you are eating food both rich in nutrients and taste. With less time between the field and fork, seasonal fruit and vegetables are picked ripe and consumed within days, reducing or even eliminating the need for harmful artificial and chemical processes.

The natural changing of seasons means Mother Nature doesn’t just provide full flavours, she also offers a constantly evolving harvest. When eating seasonal food, you will get the specific nutrients you require to maintain optimal health. Eating seasonally also means more variety in your diet; the consumption of a nutritionally dense rainbow of vitamins and minerals ensures your immune system is strong. Your body, mind, and emotions remain healthy and balanced with a healthy seasonal diet.

This 90-page recipe book is full of recipes for every palate, with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options, and offers clear instructions on how to make each and every delectable dish!  From breakfast to dinner (and even dessert), this recipe book has everything you need to help boost your fertility.

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This is incredible, such delicious recipes and so easy to make

This e-recipe book took me by surprise. Never realised how good it would be and what great value it is at the discounted price. Thank you! This is incredible, such delicious recipes and so easy to make