Supplement - Prebiotic and Probiotic Fulvic Minerals

  • Powerfully Pure Fulvic Minerals (Prebiotic and Probiotic)

    There is a huge spike in oestrogen dominance in males and females and this is also affecting our fertility rates.

    It is clear that since the rapid decline of human fertility, there has been increased exposure to toxic chemicals in our diet (e.g. more processed foods); our air (from radiation, chem-trails and other pollutants); our water – especially recycled toilet water or water drunk from plastic bottles.

    Toxins are even in our fresh fruit and vegetables. Chemical farming produces chemical laden toxins which we ingest, and all these herbicides, fungicides and pesticides are known to cause infertility.

    Furthermore, chemical farming has led to mineral depletion in the soil, therefore affecting the plants and ultimately affecting humans at the end of the food chain. The food we eat is lacking minerals and this is making us more susceptible to higher rates of malnutrition. In return we are hungrier and rely on supplementation to get the right balance of nutrition required for optimal health, vitality and fertility.

    Do you want to cleanse yourself from toxic build up and re-mineralise and re-balance your body on a cellular level?

    1. Fulvic acid is an alkalising agent and works on a cellular level, fully hydrating the cell with electrolytes and minerals that it needs

    2. Fulvic acid cleanses and removes toxins

    3. Fulvic acid supports the regulation of the thyroid (which regulates our metabolism and ability to heal on a cellular level)

    4. As a result of consuming fulvic minerals you can expect to enjoy a sense of wellbeing in mind and body and this is linked to boosting fertility!

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Customer Reviews

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A Suaste

I found this product to be perfect for me! This has been great as I have been able to feel clean and detoxified since using this! I highly recommend this as it also you can barley taste it in the water so its an easy way to start to feel great again.


This product has been so helpful to me and next time I will definitely be buying the bundle! I feel so much cleaner and healthier after using this and I can't wait to tell my other friends about it! It has been massively helpful to me for the last few weeks of use. Would highly recommend it.