Meet Affiliate Lorraine Fraser Reiki Healer

About Lorraine Fraser, UK Based Reiki Master Healer

Powerfully Pure affiliate Lorraine Fraser who (as her title suggests) is passionate about healing people.
Lorraine Fraser has seen the benefits of combining her Reiki Shamanic Master qualifications with the consumption of high quality nutritional supplements and superfoods from the Powerfully Pure product range and is one of our most passionate advocates.

Meet Lorraine Fraser

"Hello my name is Lorraine and I have been studying Reiki energy healing over the last two years which helped me overcome many emotional and tough times.
Reiki has helped me heal myself, turn my life around both physically and emotionally. As a result I love to heal others and help incite the belief in miracles.


Taught by Medicine Women

I believe your teachers find you and I have been extremely fortunate and honoured to have studied and been guided from Reiki Level 1 to Shamanic Reiki Masters with the wonderful Louise Carron Harris along with a container of love and support from other healers in our groups. 

I was also guided to learn with the amazing Fiona Boulton  who has supported me and taught me all there is to know about:

  • Nutrition
  • Manifestations
  • Wellbeing
  • Meditations
  • Natural remedies and more


Being taught by such special medicine women has given me many tools to get through daily life and live in the current world we are living in at the moment and for this, I have eternal gratitude and feel extremely blessed.


I have since gone on to help individuals with: 

  • Reiki at the end of their life, helping them to let go and pass over
  • Reiki for relationship issues
  • Reiki for anxiety
  • Reiki for depression
  • Reiki for physical ailments
  • Reiki for clarity
  • Reiki for energy
  • Reiki for inner peace
  • Reiki for cancer -  emotional support


I conduct private Reiki sessions to anyone in need because I'm so passionate about sharing my Reiki gift.


I'm also passionate about sharing the Powerfully Pure range alongside the Reiki with you all as the alternative chemical-free 100% natural organic, superfoods, supplements, self care and stress management products which has also supported me and given me a new lease of life with more energy.




"I was lucky enough to have my first ever experience of reiki with Lorraine. It was a distance healing and I had been unsure what to expect. Sadly I had just lost my dad and Lorraine's reiki was such a beautiful therapeutic experience at a difficult time.
She guided me to rest in a space and shared a perfectly chosen piece of music to listen to whilst I recieved the reiki.

During it, I had such a warm feeling of being held which enabled me to hold my own grief. I felt Lorraine's caring generous and nurturing energy around me. It supported me to feel my necessary sadness with a deep sense of love and peace. I highly recommend Lorraine as a reiki healer. She has a natural gift and her warm hearted energy and reiki would be a blessing to all those fortunate to receive it. Xxx"

Heather Barker, Teacher


"I had never had reiki before and didn't know much about it either so I went in with no expectations. After the session i felt extremely relaxed and very much at peace. Its a hard feeling to describe but it left me wanting more! I also came away with the distinct feeling Lorraine is a genuine healer. I could tell she is very passionate about it and she took so much time & care to talk to me before hand & after, leaving me feeling very well cared for. She clearly has a very generous soul,genuinely eager to help. I'm definitely going back for more & would highly recommend!!"

Carolina Preo, Qualifications Manager
"Having thought about Reiki for many years, I started speaking to Lorraine Fraser, who explained her involvement, interest, and experience in this area. I was really taken by Lorraine's passion and care about this amazing therapy. So, I arranged an initial session with her. I was blown away. Despite the session being handled remotely, the feelings and sensations I experienced on that 1st session were amazing. I felt like I was floating above my bed. It was peaceful and serene. Tho remote, the session felt so connected. Lorraine's choice of music also complimented everything she did. I came away feeling positive and calm. I was also amazed how Lorraine detected things that I was suffering from, even though I had not mentioned them. She knew exactly what was going on in my body. I can't recommend Reiki enough and certainly would highly recommend Lorraine Fraser. She is sensitive, caring, and extremely professional. Very much looking forward to my next session." 
Sheena MacCormack, Managing Director at MacCormack Media Consultancy Limited
"Thankyou so much Lorraine for working your magic with me, the reiki was amazing & it was really lovely just talking to you. Last night I slept so soundly and peacefully for the first time in ages what I have really noticed is a  inner sense of calm. I have been feeling like a fly trapped in a jar just flapping away & not getting anywhere but now I feel like the lid has been removed and I feel free. You are such a special lady with a beautiful soul. You really are one in a million and I feel so happy to be connected with you. Xxx"
Sandra Harry, Health Care Assistant
"I wasn’t too sure what to expect from distant reiki as I’d only ever received it in person previously. I’d heard great things from a friend about Lorraine being a wonderful healer, and a lovely person, and so I thought I’d give it a try to save me travelling. Lorraine made me feel completely at ease from our first phone call and I felt I was very much in safe hands. I was honestly blown away by the reiki session. I felt a great connection to a loved one which was very comforting, I felt a profound sense of inner peace and gained reassurance that I was on the right path with regards to improving my health and well-being. I would highly recommended reiki with Lorraine, she is incredibly insightful, inspiring and a very caring and kind individual. The follow up care and support was also fantastic. Thank you Lorraine, I very much look forward to our next session together."
Sandra Johnson, Teaching Assistant


How the Powerfully Pure Range Helped Me

The Powerfully Pure products helped me:

  • Completely got rid of my period pains
  • Completely got rid of my PMT
  • Completely got rid of my headaches
  • Completely got rid of my brain fog
  • Feel more confident
  • Feel more abundant
  • Feel more happy


Distant or in-person Reiki Healing Packages


Reiki activities with the elderly

Reiki parties for those who are curious and would like to know more

Reiki for anxiety, stress and depression

Reiki for end of life 


If you are curious to know more about Reiki and this life-enhancing Powerfully Pure organic supplement range, the best way to contact me is by sending me a message on: +44 (0) 7737 280 269



x❤🙌🙌x❤ "



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