Better Hair - The Essentials

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  • This bundle includes:

    ● L-Carnitine (30 Capsules) RRP £36.00

    ● Marine Phytoplankton (90 Capsules) RRP £42.00

    ● MSM Organic Sulphur (250g) RRP £69.00

    ● Castor Oil Tub RRP (250ml) £29.99

    Total value £147.00 meaning you save a total of £10.00!

    This combination of 100% natural, organic, food-grade Powerfully Pure essential hair care products have been carefully chosen to ensure you can:

    ● Regrow thinning hair

    ● Get shinier hair

    ● Get stronger hair

    ● Get thicker hair


    2 sets of easy to swallow vegan capsules

    1 powdered supplement to add to lemon water first thing in the morning

    1 hair oil to apply overnight

    "Marine Phytoplankton Most Important Plant In the World " says NASA

    We have included a combination of the world's most natural and potent products for you to use internally and externally to ensure you have the best hair. You will also reap a stack of other sensational benefits to improve your health and energy levels!

    This powerful selection of organic supplements and organic hair 'fix' castor oil are proven to help your hair with anti-inflammatory properties and more:

    ● Our Marine Phytoplankton capsules are one of the best things you can add to your diet to support healthy hair growth, to balance thyroid function, and increase your energy levels quickly. It is also known for reversing grey hair and thinning hair.

    ● Our L-carnitine-L-tartrate capsules are scientifically proven to promote human hair growth.

    ● Our Castor Oil is extracted from castor bean (Ricinus communis) for its rich ricinoleic acid properties (a type of fatty acid found to fight inflammation). When applied to the scalp, eyebrows, or lashes, it's purported to enhance the health of the hair follicles and, in turn, promote hair growth (as well as protect against hair loss).

    Our Castor Oil is now in a new luxury gold collar pump bottle!
    BPA FREE of course!

    ● Our MSM Organic Pine Tree Sulphur powder, according to research, can form bonds essential to strengthening hair and influencing hair growth.

    Please refer to our Science page for the studies that support these claims.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lynn Bennett

My hair hasn't looked, grown, or felt better since finding and starting to use this bundle. I wasn't sure if it would work but I am so happy that it did, my hair has been ruined for years and this is the first time I have been able to truly be happy with it.

Alexis Klein

A decent amount of items in the bundle so I wasn't too overwhelmed at starting them all at the same time, although it wasn't easy. They have all given me so many ebefeitsd but in parcialuar my hair and nails seemed to have improved massively to an extent I haven't seen in years.

Quinn Wilson

Ive used this product a just under two months and it has strengthened my hair and given it a more glowy look. Not to mention the amount its grown too. Would highly recommended this.

Manka C.

Massive fan of these products, honestly I didn't think it would help much as there were no specific things that did anything on my actual hair (like shampoo or conditioner) but I was quickly proven wrong. After using it for three or four weeks my hair feels more healthy and just generally nicer. Thanks.


I've been using this bundle for the last few weeks. My hair feels more healthy more strong and just naturally better even on days when I don’t use the product.