Anti-Depression Bundle

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  • We have 10 natural products that help with lifting your spirits out of feeling depressed.

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    Aura & Room Spritzer- Refreshing Mood Enhancer (50ml - BPA FREE) 

    Aura & Room Spritzer- Uplifting Mood Enhancer (50ml - BPA FREE) 

    • Highest quality luxury candle: organic eco-soy with triple essential oil blend - choose between:

    Fertility Candle for Abundance
    Fertility Candle for Grace
    Fertility Candle for Bliss 

    Colloidal Silver & Gold - Drink for naturally strengthening your immunity

    eVitCi- Energy + Vitamin C + Immunity super greens drink

    Powerfully Pure Stress Management Meditation *ON SALE!

    Organic Salt Soak - Organic Bath Salts Detox Foot Soak

    Zen Sacred Cacao - Zen Sacred Cacao Hot Chocolate Superfood Drink


    Purchasing each item collectively as a bundle includes:

    • A carefully selected combination of crystal therapy, mineral therapy, superfoods, and antioxidants with re-balancing and re-harmonising formulas to ensure all aspects of you can flourish.

    • Expect to enjoy more abundance as you clear the 'lack' energy and activate 'sovereign expansion and radiance.'

    • These products will help your energy field, your mind, your emotions and restore physical health and energy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ellie Raymond

I am so glad that i found this bundle as it has been so uplifting. It has helped me to rethink the whole way I think about myself, I more energy and feel lighter as a whole it has been awesome!!!

Dawn Adams

This bundle has been a huge help to me and my mental state. It has helepd me to calm down and focus on myself and how I want to to perceive me. It has been a great set of products and don't know what I could do without it. In particular i have found the zen cacao and the bath soak to be especially perfect for me.

Isobel B

I got diagnosed with depression months ago and it has finally clicked that I have depression and I need to start to find ways to make myself feel better and better about myself. This has helped me to both! I have been able to relax and calm down and just think in a new light. thank you so much for this bundle I highly recommend it.

H. Blake
Great bundle

Its helped me so much to imporve my negative mindset and gorw into the person I want to be. Im so happy I got puesraded to buy this bundle.

A Milton

Very happy with this package, its works extremely well for me and am already starting to feel 10 x better than I have in a while. thank you.