Revive Bundle

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  • Powerfully Pure are the proud distributor of Revive for all countries outside of Australia. This is great value for such a large tub (360g)!

    This new formula took a decade for our friend Damian Donoghue to perfect and the results seen so far have been incredible, including:

    • Help to recover from extreme stress and trauma such as PTSD

    • Help to boost libido

    • Help to manage weight

    • Help to boost energy

    • Help to boost immunity

    • Help to improve adrenal function

    • Help to create an alkaline environment 

    A special note about our incredible ingredients:

    Our Revive includes the world's strongest and highest quality antioxidant: certified organic Astaxanthin.

    Our Curcumin is one of the highest grades that is easily digested and one of the only few in the world that is water-soluble.

    Did you know our Revive contains the world’s leading Ashwagandha extract KSM-66 which has the most extensive set of studies and clinical trials proving its therapeutic benefits.

    Each serving has less than 1 gram of Spirulina which means it can be taken up to six months of the year for anyone trying to conceive.

  • Firstly, commence with a ¼ teaspoon and gradually increase the serving size to 2 teaspoons. Can be taken 1-2 times per day. REVIVE can be mixed with water, freshly squeezed juice, nut milk, or smoothies.

  • NOTE When adding REVIVE powder to smoothies, you must hand stir it into your drink because stainless steel blades in blenders can de-activate vitamin C.

  • Click here to save even more by buying Revive in bundles!

    Save money and support a small local UK business that is not on the high street.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A Tweed
Glad I found this.

Am so glad I found this bundle, it has helped me so much. I have been on a few inner and outer journeys within the last year and this has been an asset for both. I am so thankful for this being available as it has been so great.

A Doss

This bundle has helped me so much, I have been on a huge weight loss journey for the last year so bought this in the hopes that it would help me even just in the slightest and this has been a huge help to me. It tastes nice in a smoothies too as I wasn't keen on the taste in water.

P Butcher
Happy :)

Wow. I am very happy with revive, I have a lot more energy that I never used to have that I can focus onto my recovery. It has helped me so much in that factor and I will definitely be buying this again.